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by John Robinson @johnrobinsn

I've spun up a number of blogs over the years. My motivations for why have varied over time. But as I progress through life, I find that most of my coding and other technology adventures have been fueled by my desire to try out new things and to stay current. But I have more half-done experiments than I care to count. Many lost in the mist of time. Blogging provides me with a forcing function for documenting and cleaning up at least some of my experiments. It also gives me a chance to share and talk about some of these experiments with others.

But blogging is dead, Right?

Over the years, I've asked myself this again and again and pondering this question has actually stopped me from JFDI. But given this first post, I guess I'll find out. A journey of a thousand miles and all that. I hope some folks find it useful, but I intend to have fun doing it nevertheless.

This Blog

My interests these days are centered largely around machine learning, especially in the areas of computer vision, 3d (and 2d) scene reconstruction from pixels and behavior generation. I also have my old standbys Graphics, Application Runtimes and Programming Languages. So I'll probably be focusing mostly in these areas... but no promises...

In past incarnations of my blogs, I've used a number of blogging tools. Everything from rolling my own to wordpress. This go around I know I wanted to use a static site generator. I also wanted to avoid databases and blogging app servers. And last but not least, I wanted a publishing pipeline that supported "treating content as code". My weapon of choice for this incarnation is eleventy. Eleventy is definitely in the "batteries not included" category of tools. Powerful and infinitely customizable, but at the cost of learning curve. I'm definitely still learning the ropes here.

In keeping with my desire to avoid using a database in my blog, I decided to try and just use twitter as an external comment system. Here is an article that I found
Using Twitter for blog commenting.

Additional Content

For some other content while I get my footing. Here is a link to one of my older blogs that is still up and running and has some good content.

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