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  1. Object Detection - Part 5 Final
  2. Tiny ChatGPT
  3. Object Detection - Part 4 Multiple Objects
  4. Object Detection - Part 3 Compound Loss
  5. Object Detection - Part 2 Bounding Boxes
  6. Object Detection from Scratch - Part 1
  7. DiffEdit - Semantic Image Editing with Stable Diffusion
  8. Unleash the GPU in your Colab Notebook

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Fun little pixel toy written in WebGL using a fragment shader to do GPU accelerated particle physics.
Stable Diffusion Poser
Control Stable Diffusion Image Generation with an Image Regression Model for Head Pose.
Depth Viewer
A Hugging Face Space fusing a machine learning model for estimating depth from pixels and a WebGL 3d depth viewer.
Picture Pile
Little WebGL image viewer incorporating animation and non-linear interpolation.

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